News !!!

IBU2 Ultimate manual in German language
available at related download page Many Thanks to Michael Holzbach a.k.a. "madmike"

Audio packages for IBU2 Ultimate available for download
Latest IBU2 Ultimate FW version 12.004 available 

German fellow tankers group 

" panzerjungs neumuster " 
sent a nice video of ibu2 ultimate and ibu2 in action
go to links page to have a look
more to come soon

new IBU2 Ultimate is here !!!
it's now available from
authorized dealers

IBU2 Ultimate Manual
now available

New IBU3 fw rel. 017

This release will fix : 

airsoft issue on some particular tank HW setup

track recoil minor issue with Clutch gearbox setup


remote volume control, now you can adjust audio

volume of your ibu2 by a spare receiver channel

check the related product page for details