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NEWS ... 08/09/2019

Fellow Tanker "MadMike" from HLPF shared new audio files fo IBU2 Ultimate

Leopard 2 - King Tiger Saumur - Panther 
Pz. III - Pz. IV - Stug III - Stug IV - T90 - ZTZ99

For download please refer to IBU2 Ultimate audio packages page

IBU2 Ultimate new Firmware release 12.014 available for download

This release contains :

FlySky I-Bus management, now up to 10 RX channels can be used
Supported FlySky receivers :
6 CH PPM FS-IA6B (with telemetry)
10 CHPPM FS-IA10B (with telemetry)
I-Bus only FS-A8S (without telemetry)

Ini file must be upgraded with the new release in order to use the I-Bus
4 new setup messages must be added to System Messages folder

Complete Zipped archive ibu2u.ini file for FW.Release 014 and new System Messages is available for download

Please read carefully the release notes contained into archive 

Revised Track Recoil when firing cannon, now the tank will “rock” back and forth

The values for "TrackRecoilTime" and "TrackRecoilSpeed" settings must to be both increased from 10 to 50

Also the track recoil can be disabled by setting TrackRecoilTime to 0  

User Manual Release 2.3 in English available at download page
German language version available soon ...